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We are dedicated to promoting the dignity and well being of our clients, as well as all who are involved in their care. We strive to assure that our services are rendered in a competent and compassionate manner that is completely confidential.


To ensure the client’s complete privacy, all information concerning clients, whether obtained through direct contact with the client, the client’s records, conversations with therapists, physicians, peers or family members, must be held in the strictest confidence. Information will not be released without the signed consent of the individual receiving the services, or in circumstances dictated by state or federal law.

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We offer a diversified staff of professionals, including licensed psychologists and social workers, chemical dependency counselors,  and licensed professional clinical counselors. Male and female professionals are available. Our staff has the experience and training necessary to allow us to assist each individual, couple, or family to address specific needs and problems in an effective and efficient manner.

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