Comprehensive Services offers a variety of therapy styles and approaches for adults, adolescents and children. Individual, group, family and couple’s therapy are available. Following a thorough intake evaluation, the therapist will recommend a treatment plan and explain what the next steps are to meet each client’s individual needs. Services may be offered on weekends and evenings as well as during regular hours.

Each therapist is trained to evaluate and treat numerous disorders; depending on their specialty, these include depression, anxiety, mood disorders, personality disorders, stress management, PTSD, and family conflict. Most of our clinicians have a number of focus areas and specialize in more than what is listed here. Several of our therapists also specialize in treating trauma and we offer bio/neurofeedback, EMDR, and clinical hypnosis as additional techniques to conventional therapies.

Various treatment groups are also held at our office on Bethel Road. An educational group for parents of ADHD children/adolescents is held on a rolling basis. A client may enter these groups directly or speak to the therapist that leads the group to find out more.

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