Ccomprehensive Services is proud to work with our affiliates, Judy MacNamee, with ADHD Coach Connect, LLC, and Donna Dykes, who specializes in Dyslexia treatement and other reading issues.


Judy MacNamee with ADHD Coach Connect

Judy MacNamee has spent over 15 years working with teens and adults struggling with ADD, ADHD, and other related disabilites. With her SAILS of STRENGTH™ proven process developed to educate parents, students and educators, she works with teens and adults to build strategies, all the while encouraging with positive support to the entire family. This helps to rebuild the self confidence which brings ease and success to each and every day.

Judy is one of the first to have earned the “Master Teacher” designation in the State of Ohio, and has been instrumental in paving the way for children’s successes. She was the first Special Needs teacher in 2010-2011 to be selected by her peers as Teacher of the Year. She completed her ADHD coach training through the elite ADD Coaching Academy and is working towards her ACC certification with the International Coaching Federation.

Donna Dykes

Donna Dykes is a Certified Academic Language Therapist through the International Dyslexia Association (IDA). With a background in elementary education, and as the mother of a dyslexic child, she has a special interest in helping parents and students understand reading and learning challenges.

Donna employs methods that evolved from the Orton-Gillingham-based method, a scientific, universally-successful, specific teaching approach that combines auditory, visual and kinesthetic learning modalities. These methods help to address alphabet instruction, rapid recognition of letters and sounds, spelling rules, reading accuracy, reading comprehension, grammar instruction, listening comprehension and cursive handwriting, among others.