We all wish to be or become our personal best. We all make transitions and, through these, try to find ways to improve our lives. We all experience difficult times in our lives and must face stressful situations.

Unlike psychotherapy or counseling that focuses on the treatment of specific disorders and problems, coaching addresses life issues; it empowers clients to identify changes they wish to make, the obstacles in making these changes, and how to follow through to a successful conclusion. Coaching is interactive and dynamic and the relationship between the coach and client is directive and focused to ultimately improve the client's quality of life.

Also, unlike therapy, coaching begins with a phone or face-to-face consultation where issues are established and goals are discussed. Follow-ups occur often by phone and email as the client attempts choices and solutions to move ahead. The coach facilitates successes by informing the client of ways to continue to succeed that they may not have been aware of before or previously tried.

At Comprehensive Services, numerous types of coaching are offered including executive, career development, parenting, relationship and intimacy.