A healthy level of anxiety is natural and necessary to our survival. Anxiety keeps us out of harm's way, helps us prepare for important events, and lets us know when it's time to take action. However, when anxiety levels increase to unhealthy amounts, and becomes persistent, and difficult or impossible to control, it can become disabling. Simple things in life become overwhelming.

If left untreated, an anxiety disorder can increasingly interfere with daily life and functioning. Counselors diagnose an anxiety disorder when a person experiences:

  • Extreme worry and fears about everyday life events, even when there are no obvious reasons for concern

  • Constant expectation of disaster or failure

  • Excessive and unproductive worry about health, money, family, work and school that are out of proportion to the actual situation

Excess and unwarranted anxiety can also lead to physical symptoms, such as muscle tension, irritability, nausea, trembling, headaches, sleep problems, and panic attacks.

At Comprehensive Services, we have many options for the treatment of anxiety, including counseling, medication, and/or neurofeedback. Call our intake department today at 614-442-0664, and let us find the right solution for you!